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Millionaire Match App - Reviewed by Rating: 3.8 out of 5

MillionaireMatch app, is a dating app created by for singles to meet and date a millionaire nearby. It is very popular among singles who want a quality date and serious relationships.

Similar to, this dating app is for genuine dating and serious relationships only. Sugar daddies, sugar babies or those who are seeking an arrangment or mutually beneficial relationships are not accepted.

MillionaireMatch app was available on both iOS and Android platfrom previously. But it was removed from iOS app store a moment ago. Till now, we still can't find app online. However, for users who have already installed this app, the old version can still function normally. For Android devices, MillionaireMatch app is availe able in Google Play store. (Updated on Dec 8, 2018)

On this dating app, members can connect about 4,000,000 registered members in MillionaireMatch dating network, and these members are scrutinized by review team.

Cost of joining Millionaire Match app

  • Standard membership:
  • Free.
  • Premium membership:(Updated on Dec 8, 2018)
  • 1-month: $100.99
  • 3-month: $239.99
  • 6-month: $399.99 (Best deal)

Members can directly upgrade through GooglePlay purchases. Once the upgrade is processed, they get premium membership in MillionaireMatch app within minutes. If the membership is not reflected in time, they may need to log out and log in once again.

For users who upgrade through app store, they can also use the same login to access PC platform. There they have some more privileges.

Advantages of Millionaire Match app:

  • 100% ads-free, and it offers many nice features for standard members;
  • Quick registration by connecting with your facebook account;
  • Great UI, continuous updates, professional service and awesome user experiences;
  • You can meet and connect 2,800,000 single members, with a daily sign up of 1000+ new members;
  • You can date and marry certified millionaires who earn 1,000,000+ annually. Only millionaires on this dating site can be certified through providing their real income taxes;
  • You can meet and date successful singles and celebrities, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, Hollywood celebrities;
  • MillionaireMatch highlights serious dating and serious relationships. Sugar daddies, sugar babies, or mutually beneficial relationships are not allowed here;

Disadvantages of Millionaire Match app:

  • Don't accept sugar daddy, sugar baby members and mutually beneficial relationships;
  • Very strict in censoring new members and user generated contents;
  • Do not have enough members in Asian or Afrian countries.

Main features on Millionaire Match app:

Browse - View other millionaire members. Users can check their public photos, private photos, and detailed profile information.

Moments - Check the most recent updates from members on Millionaire Match dating app. WHenever others updated their profile information, or uploaded new photos, you can find them at the earliest time.

Let's Meet - Want to know if others are also interested in you? Go to "Let's Meet". Swipe right if you are interested in someone and swipe left if you are not. Only if the users you are interested in also showed interests in you, will you two be mutually matched. Your potential match is also interested in you? That'd be a nice start of a new relationship!

Connections - It's a place for you to check who visited your profile, or winked at you, or Fav'd you. It can be a nice choice to chat with them and check if you can find chemistry there.

Messages and chatrooms - the indispensable feature for members to connext with each other. Everybody knows how it works and how to make full use of them.

Edit Verdict:

Millionaire Match app tops the list of all the millionaire dating apps. It's quick to register, easy to use, and ads-free. This app is frequently updated with minor fixes or newly developed features. There are many nice features on this dating app, including: browse, moments, let's meet, private album, etc.

As some MillionaireMatch app members verdicted: the women are gorgeous and really easy to talk to. If your final aim is to find a great woman for chat, romance, or relationships, this is a nice choice.

To connect and meet successful singles or celebrities for dating or relationships, this is also a great choice. In the past 15+ years, MillionaireMatch has already showed its ability in uniting the rich, wealthy singles and their desired matches. Besides that, many CEOs also join this website for getting business partners. If you're planning to expand your social circle or meet more excellent people, this app is very helpful.

MillionaireMatch, is a miracle match! Give it a try for free and you'll get a lot in return. No matter whether you want to date, or to develop other relationships, MillionaireMatch apps deserve a try and it's highly recommended.

8 Comments on “Millionaire Match Dating App, MillionaireMatch Apps Reviews

  • As a gold member, I'm really enjoying using the millionaire match dating apps. The browse feature is great, the moment feature is update to date, and the let's meet feature is fantastic! All in all, the features are carefully designed to make people connecting and interracting with each other. Millionaire Match App is one of the most successful dating apps I've ever used.

    • For me, I downloaded this app because I'm already a full member of this matchmaker site. So I'm offered a full access in the app too. Once I get this app, I loved it so much. Because I don't need to go to the website to read messages and view profiles. The app is really convenient to for me to get connected with some potential dates I met on this website.

  • This dating app is a good representation of what you can get from official website by browsing it with a desktop computer or laptop...

    • Millionaire Match app is not available in Google Play Store? What's the matter? This download link for Google Play is not live any more, and when I go to official site, it showed me a direct download link.

  • I was a member of Millionaire Match website before. Lately I realized I can enjoy its service on my mobile phone, so I tried. It's a big surprise that my account information on my desktop computer is also valid here and I am also a full member on Millionaire Match dating Apps. Most of the features are also available on this dating app. Great app!

  • It's awesome. Great UI, great features, and great people. Seems everything on this dating app is nice, at least it's nice to me. I'm not a full member, but I can still use many functions. And I don't see any ads either. Loved Millionaire Match apps, so much.

    • Millionaire match dating app is a good representation of what you can get on official dating site, although you can't find all the features available on the official website. However, this app is not perfect, some features may not work sometimes, so you need to refresh again to get it work.

  • I'm really glad I got this dating app. The women on millionaire match are gorgeous and easy to talk to. I've had this app for two weeks and I have got 2 potential dates who are ready to meet face to face. It's really fast and convenient.