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MillionaireMatch: Have you ever wondered why all the best love stories you hear are a hundred years old? Romeo and Juliet, Casablanca, even fairy tales are all ages old. In today's times, you can actually count the number of non-fantasy love stories published over the past few decades. I guess it is because there is so little of true love that we see nowadays that we do not even write about it. It is even more impossible for the well-settled, and well-earning to find someone love them rather than for their assets. Having said that, would you believe me if I told you there is a way to find true love for yourself? If you are a millionaire or wish to date one, read on.

Visit is one such noble millionaire dating website that has been trying hard to create love stories for millionaires since 2001. It is an exclusive elite club for all the single millionaires, men and women both. You may start by making your profile on the website, post your photos, talk about your like and dislikes. It is through such a profile that you can search for potential dates and others can similarly search for you. You may chat with other members, arrange dates and there are also events organized by Millionaire Match itself where you may meet up with fellow members. There are over 2.4 million active members from all the world including North America and Europe, Australia, etc. so wherever you are, you are sure to find people whom you can meet up with any where in the world.

However, how can you be sure that people on this website are real millionaires? requires all new members to reveal their income and people who are shown as 'Certified Millionaires' are those who have actually submitted their financial documents to prove their income. They have also added a feature called 'Luxury Show' in which people may upload photos of their favorite possessions to impress others so you can be sure that a person with such expensive commodities could not be faking it. Millionaire match reviews and features have also been shown on Forbes, CNN, ABC, The Wall Street Journal and likewise. Several success stories have also been printed in press so you need not worry about the website's credibility. They also have a free app which has a new feature called 'Let's Meet' where phone GPRS tells you which people are in your vicinity and if you would like to meet someone then you can just press 'Like' on their profile. If the person likes you back then you may chat a bit and arrange a date!

The best part is that all this is free. The only thing they charge for is the option called Gold Members which has a bit more features such as private conversations with other members and to look up the Certified Millionaires. The price for Good Members is also a reasonable amount, around $70 per month.

Several people have posted their millionaire match review and recommend this millionaire dating site and Millionaire Match app because it actually works. With so many positive reviews and success stories adding feathers in its cap, millionaire match is a must-try!


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  • As a retired man with lots of free time, I joined millionaire match in 2009, and kept myself there till now. I didn't got a life time partner, but some distant buddies who can chat with me whenever I feel lonely. Sometimes we chat on the phone, sometimes we just send a quick hello to each other online. Usually we don't visit each other in person. But I'm accustomed to watch their status on millionairematch. Maybe if they're not online, I will…

    • You got great experience on this millionaire dating website, and maybe it'll be a good memory.

  • As a traditional lady, I've never believed in love at first sight on a dating website, until I saw a guy, whose smile is so impressive and fascinating… Then my whole world changed. We met face to face after live chat and several back and forth email messages on Valentine's, 2015. When our hands were hold together, tightly, I realized that my single life was ended. He proved that later.

  • From the moment I saw her profile on millionaire match I realized I've got my perfect match. She's beautiful, very beautiful, in my eyes. So I sent her a quick message telling I'm interested in her. To my surprise, she answered back quickly. Then everything seems to be find for us. We are dating now and both committed to enjoy the rest of our lives together. I'm really happy with my dating experience on this millionaire dating site.

  • The blog on millionairematch was the most useful section. I got some useful information there when I was a member.

    • I'd say the millionairematch blog has an ugly interface. Maybe the worst one I've ever seen on a paying dating website. However, the witty of users and quality of stories attracted our attention. That's the only reason to have a blog on a dating site.

  • I tried many millionaire dating sites before.,,,… I just think is the only millionaire dating site with responsive customer service no matter when I got problems or I wanted to consult a dating coach. So I feel this site is the most friendly one.

  • My friends recommended millionaire match to me, so I joined and tried to search a millionaire man in FL, without posting a photo of myself. Then I looked through the profiles in FL and emailed several guys. He replied to me, then our story began. Neither he nor I am still on MillionaireMatch, but we did meet on this millionaire dating website.

  • I just realized that has added the income option on its homepage. New visitors on this millionaire dating site will have two options for registration:

    Are you a successful single who makes over $200k/year and wants to meet attractive singles?

    Are you an attractive single who wants to meet other attractive, successful singles with verified income?

  • On MillionaireMatch, I summarized the following Dos.

    • Do send a wink a brief messaeg if you are interested in someone.
    • Do answer back when you get a message, even if you are not interested.
    • Do create a unique profile to make yourself stand out from the rest.
    • Do become a verified member or certified millionaire on this site.
    • Do become a gold member to enjoy the full service, you'll find it worthwhile.
    • Do post great photos as others are more attracted by profiles with 10+ photos.
    • Do participate in the blog discussion to get more exposure.
    • Do log into the site frequently, at least twice or thrice a week.
    • Do communicate with live support or customer service once you have problems.
    • Do check others dating tips and dating advice, some are really useful.
  • Among all the dating sites I've joined these years, Millionaire Match is the only millionaire dating site which allows me to answer emails from other members in my personal email address without logging into the website. This is one of the reasons why I'm still with millionairematch.

  • Going through the process of meeting a millionaire match online is not easy, but I did it. We are very happy after getting together. With patience and continuous searching, you too can the right one. Don't give up.

  • I met the man of my dreams on this millionaire dating app. Yes, I was on millionaire match dating app, not using the dating site at all. At first I was interested in his photos and faved him, followed by some back and forth messages, we realized that we are into each other and started to meet offline. ... he is so amazing, so gentle, and of course the best guy in the world.

  • I've found someone great on, after 3 years' trying. Manuel and I met in person this Summer. Before our first meet, we spent lots of time on SMS and phone calls and both of us believed that we are the right one for each other. In the first face to face meet, Manuel told me that he fell in love when he saw my picture on millionaire match. That's the reason why he wrote to me again and again when he didn't hear from me. I can't believe it until I saw him in person. Later, everything went smoothly and we are getting marriage after this Christmas. I'm really happy with the journey on MillionaireMatch which let me wait for Mr. Manuel for 3 years, and luckily, we got together.