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On, there are two types of memberships: standard membership and gold membership. For different membership, members could enjoy different benefits and privileges. It's 100% free to join this millionaire dating site and get a lifetime standard membership at 0 cost. Once your dating profile is created on millionairematch and your profile is approved by a review team, you are a standard member on this millionaire dating site. On Millionaire Match, standard members could enjoy all the following benefits:

Standard membership on

Create a profile – standard members have full control of the profile content, which is exactly the same as gold members. So if you spend enough time to create a dating profile, your profile could be as good as a gold member’s. This is a great advantage of standard membership on millionaire match.

Browse others – standard members have full access to other profiles, only if the profile owner didn’t make it hidden.

Today’s matches – standard members could get 5 recommended matches from millionairematch on a daily basis.

Quick search – standard members could perform a quick search to find a millionaire match according to desired gender, age, location, etc. and then sort the search results list with several different criteria just like “recent activity”, “newest first”, “distance” to get the most compatible match first.

Ice breaker – standard members on millionaire can send free ‘wink’ to other members if they are interested in someone.

Communication – standard members are able to reply to email messages and live chat messages initiated by other gold members.

Enhanced interaction – standard members are able to post comments on others’ profiles, and the comment will be available to all others on this site once the profile owner approves it.

Verifications – standard member could also get verified to become a verified member on All what they need to do is to provide a driver’s license or passport.

Other activities – standard members are allowed to post blogs, Members’ Luxuries, etc. to communicate with other members on millionairematch. It’s a good way to improve the exposure and find a match who is interested in them.

Privacy control – standard members are allowed to hide profiles from others by make changes in “settings” section. It’s a good tools for those who extremely highlight personal privacy and don’t want to be displayed in public.

And many more...

In short, there are many useful tools for standard members. Unlike some other millionaire dating sites which allow little access to non-paying members. If you create an account on and check it carefully, you could find more available features for standard members.

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10 thoughts on “Millionaire Match Review – website features for standard members

  • I didn’t get verified on this millionaire dating site, for I don’t want to share my driver’s license info with them. Maybe that’s the reason why I was not very popular on this website.

  • Awesome! What a big surprise to see this post. I’ve never realized that standard members on millionaire match could have so many access. In the past, I just log in and check if anyone sent me messages and answer back if there is any and seldom try other features on this dating site as it frequently prompted me to upgrade.

  • Never tried some of the features you mentioned, as I usually visit millionaire match via my phone. Millionaire match app is much simpler and doesn’t have these features as so far.

  • That’s a great discovery! It helps. Would you like to make a full list for all privileges of members? I think that would be more helpful.

  • If I remembered correctly, also reward standard members with gold membership if they can finish some tasks provided by the website. Not sure where the link is but I did see it once before.

    • Once I talked with customer service telling them that I’ve posted some status message on my facebook to get more attention of my certified millionaire status on millionaire match, and they extended my gold memberhip for one extra month after confirming my facebook post. It’s a big surprise for me.

    • Hello guys, I don’t want to boast myself. But I did get a reward for gold membership on for over 1 year as so far. That’s the one of the largest achievement I’ve ever reached on a website.

    • Wow, I believe this will be the hottest topic for It will be much more popular than these millionaire match coupon or millionaire match promo code topics. Once upon a time I tried to find a coupon for millionairematch and spent lots of time and energy, but I didn’t get one finally. With this post, we don’t need a coupon code for at all.

    • Hey Bobggg, don’t talk big and brag yourself. How did you get gold membership for so long without paying? I believe that’s impossible!

    • I don’t care whether you believe it or not. And I have no intention to prove that to you guys, although I can do that. I just want to tell you that I’ve been with for over 5 years and I have a good understanding of this website. Maybe I’ll post my review on millionaire match here one day, but that’s not now.