How to delete account (dating profile) from completely?

millionairematch account delete
It is really important for us to delete account information from all kinds of online website if we do not want to use their service any more. However, some websites may not allow you to delete your account information completely, and some websites may not allow you to delete your account easily. For example, is one of the website which disencourage users to delete their account information. In a few years ago, users need to pay about $20 bucks to get their account information deleted. It sucks. allow users to remove their account information from the website completely. So users on this millionaire dating site have no worries about their personal information or private photos, etc.

How to delete account on

There are many methods to get your account information deleted completely. The first choice is to contact support do do that for you.


1) Call customer service to delete millionairematch account.

You just need to provide your username, your registered email address on this dating site and some related profile information to prove you are the legit profile owner, then they will remove your account right away. After your phone call, you'll immediately find that your username and password is no longer valid and other members on can't find you either.

2) Email support to delete account. has 24x7 customer service. So you can simply shoot them an email to get your account deleted. If you are logged into, directly use their online webmail to send the cancellation email. Of course, you can also use your registered email to do that.

3) Delete account from a desktop computer.

  • First, log into;
  • Then, go to "My Settings", which can be located in the top navigation bar;
  • Then, click "Other Membership Service". You will go to a new page with the default tab "Hold Profile" displayed.
  • Then, hit "Delete account" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page, provide your password again and hit the button "Continue Cancellation" to go on.
  • Last step, choose a reason for your cancellation, and add some additional comments, and then Click "Continue Cancellation".

Once it's done, you got your millionairematch account deleted completely.

4) Delete account from millionairematch app.

It's also simple and easy to delete your account from millionairematch app.

  • First, navigate to the left panel of the app;
  • Second, tap "Settings";
  • Then, tap "privacy";
  • Then, hit "Account change" at the bottom of the page;
  • Then, you have two choices: "hold account" and "delete account", choose "delete account";
  • Then, provide your password and choose a reason for leaving,
  • Last, hit "confirm" to make everything deleted.
  • However, the millionairematch app is always on updates. If this guide is no longer valid, please contact us to update it.

Either of the above mentioned methods can make your millionairematch account delete completely. So please make sure you want to remove your account completely before trying these steps. Otherwise, you can't find anything back.


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  • Millionaire Match is a quality dating site with unique features in this category. I loved it and found my match on this dating site a few years ago. And yes, I've completely removed my dating profile from this site. It's a nice try.