Certified Millionaire

On MillionaireMatch.com, certified millionairecertified millionaire is one of the most popular features, as well as one of the most favorited features by users. Certified millionaire is a member who has verified his identity on this millionaire dating site, including photo, age, and income information.

On MillionaireMatch.com, certified millionaires usually get more attention, more chances, more credibility and less wait time. With extra privileges, they will be listed above others in search results, and in an independent list named “CERTIFIED-MILLIONAIRE”. which is one click away after you log into millionaire match.com. Besides the extra exposure, certified millionaires get much more chances to be recommended to other members and receive more recommendations of verified members on this millionaire dating site. With so many extra benefits, it’s really difficult for certified millionaires not getting a desired match.

To become a certified millionaire on millionaire match, a driver’s license or passport is required, while a tax return or bank statement which can prove your financial status is also necessary. On this millionaire dating site, users just need to prove either of the following item to get a certified millionaire logo:
1) Your personal (no business) tax return from the last financial year that shows earnings of over $200,000;
2) Or a bank statement showing you have earned over $200,000 during this current financial year;
3) Or documents proving your net assets (after all liabilities are deducted) are over $1 million.

To date a millionaire man, just follow the list of certified millionaires. To date a millionaire woman… wait, a millionaire woman? Yes, there are also a great number of successful female members with certified millionaire status on this millionaire dating site. Otherwise, how could it always be ranked on top of best millionaire dating sites?

In short, certified millionairecertified millionaire becomes a common choice of the rich and wealthy singles on this dating site. It’s not only a good way to get a desired match, but also a symbol of distinguished identity. The blue diamond icon is displayed on more and more profiles on millionairematch.com. No matter you are a real millionaire or you just want to find a millionaire match, certified-millionaire is very helpful.

3 thoughts on “Certified Millionaire

  • I think, some of the certified millionaires can’t be called millionaires becuase millionairematch.com verify every people who earns $200,000 as a millionaire. Obviously, some of them are not.

  • Certified millionaires are real millionaires and great. But you need to become a gold member to view certified millionaires list on MillionaireMatch. For standard members on millionairematch.com, you can only see a few certified millionaires in your search results list.

  • The certified millionaire feature was live on millionairematch.com for long. I got a news a moment ago, someone from millionairematch told something about the certified millionaire identity, “On average, users with a certified millionaire badge on their profile receive 20 times more views and messages than average members. Members who qualify for the process are very eager to start receiving these views and messages, and we felt that it was important to make the process speedier for them. We hope that by stating this requirement clearly upfront, our potential certified millionaires will be able to complete the process as quickly as possible.”